Information for professionals

How to make a written referral to the Adult Locality Services and Adult Specialist Teams:

  • Identify the service to which you would like to refer
  • Download the appropriate referral form
  • Fax, email or post the referral form to the RMCS Administration Referral Centre
  • EMIS summary to be generated and included with the referral 

Referring to our services

You will find information, including referral forms and guidance, to support you to refer into our services below. GPs can refer using our  Sutton GP referral form for all services[docx] 155KB

For adult locality teams and specialist teams, you can contact our Administration Referral Centre on 020 8296 4111 or email For patient enquiries and MSK referrals, please call 020 8296 4100.

Please see Musculoskeletal service - information for professionals for information about how to refer to our Musculoskeletal service.

There might be occasions where a service directs you to refer verbally: 

If this is the case:

  • Call our Administration Referral Centre on 020 8296 4111. 
  • Provide the referral details requested by the administrator
  • You will be asked specific questions to clarify the service required for your patient and will be required to provide specific paperwork, which will be clarified at the time of the call
  • Email the required paperwork to within the timescale specified during the initial call before the referral can be accepted
  • EMIS summary to be generated and included with the referral,

Centre opening hours

Monday to Friday: 8am-6pm

Integrated Locality Teams: follow up enquiries

Follow up enquiries to discuss patients already on the caseload can be made to the Integrated Locality Team administrators. There is also a duty nurse available to speak to if required.

We are constantly aiming to improve the services that we provide and welcome any feedback on our referral process.

Referral forms

Before using these forms please make sure you have read the general referral instructions.

GP referrals

Sutton GP referral form for all services[docx] 155KB

Integrated Post COVID Assessment Service Referral Form (Sutton)[docx] 87KB

Adult nursing services

Adult diabetes telephone advice service referral form [doc] 121KB

Authorisation to administer medication [doc] 71KB

Care Home Support Team referral form [docx] 53KB

Community Nursing: See verbal referral instructions (above)

Community Respiratory Team: See verbal referral instructions (above)

Domiciliary Physiotherapy: See verbal referral instructions (above)

Sutton EOLC Hub referral form (for use by services other than GPs) [docx] 133KB

Heart Failure Service: See verbal referral instructions (above)

Tissue Viability Service - See verbal referral instructions (above)

Adult therapy services

Adult Community Dietetics referral form [doc] 152KB

Community Adult Dietetics home enteral feeding referral form [doc] 120KB

Adult Community Speech and Language Therapy referral form[doc] 306KB

Dysphagia team for adults with learning disabilities (DTALD) referral form [doc] 138KB

Falls prevention referral form [doc] 132KB

Falls exercise class referral form [doc] 102KB

Falls who to refer [docx] 112KB

Falls Prevention Service Home response service: see verbal referral instructions (above)

Musculoskeletal service - information for professionals

Older People’s Assessment and Rehabilitation Service (OPARS) referral form [doc] 122KB

Community Neurotherapy Team: See verbal referral instructions (above)

Community Rehabilitation Team: See verbal referral instructions (above)

Children's community services

Children's Continence referral form.doc[doc] 1MB

Children's Dietetics referral form [doc] 160KB

Children's Dysphagia referral form[doc] 118KB

Children's OT referral form[doc] 153KB

Children's Physiotherapy referral form[docx] 137KB

Childrens Speech and Language Therapy referral form[docx] 361KB