Continence Service

The Continence Service provides care to adults with complex continence issues and supports them to gain independence.

Overview of the service

Our Continence Service provides a comprehensive range of treatments, which enable individuals to become self caring and independent wherever possible. We can assist patients to adapt and modify their lifestyles, especially if they have recently become dependent on continence services.

We support patients throughout, including with assessment, treatment reviews and information as well as liaising with other healthcare professionals involved in patient care. Patients can be seen in a range of settings including their own homes, nursing and residential homes, clinics and GP practices. We can supply continence products to patients, though only where a continence assessment has been carried out within the agreed guidelines.

We work closely with the Integrated Locality Team and offer education programmes to healthcare professionals.

Who can access this service?

The criteria for new patients to this service are below. Patients must:

  • Be over 18 years of age
  • Be registered with a Sutton GP
  • Have a specific continence need.

Team members who may be involved in patient care

  • Continence nurse advisors

Is patient self-referral available?

Patients can self-refer if they have previously been treated by the Continence Team. New patients need to be referred by a GP or healthcare team.

Is transport provided?

No, patients need to provide their own transport to this service.

Are home visits available?

Home visits are only available for housebound patients, who are seen by a district nurse in the first instance.

Contact us

For all enquiries from both patients and healthcare professionals, please contact:

Tel: 020 8296 4111