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PrEP is a medication taken by people who are HIV-negative to stop them contracting HIV. It is up to 99% effective when taken correctly.

PrEP works by stopping the HIV virus from entering the cells in your body that it uses to reproduce itself.

PrEP is for anyone at increased risk of acquiring HIV.

Examples people who may be at increased risk of acquiring HIV include:

  • Gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men
  • Trans women and non-binary people
  • If you or your partner/s come from countries with relatively high rates of HIV.
  • Women and other people whose partner is a man who has sex with men
  • People who inject chems or party drugs, and share needles
  • Sex workers
  • People whose partner is HIV positive and are having condom-less sex, unless their partner has been on HIV treatment for 6 months and their viral load is ‘undetectable’ (<200)

This list is not intended to cover everyone who can benefit from PrEP so if you are concerned that you may be at increased risk of acquiring HIV and would like to start/ discuss PrEP please book an appointment using this online booking form

Attending appointments

When you come to the clinic, please do not bring any children with you and where possible attend alone.

If you have a disability and have special requirements, or if English is not your first language, please contact the clinic before visiting.

Cancel or change an appointment

To change your appointment please call Sutton Health and Care’s Single Point of Access on 020 8296 3910.

To cancel text your NAME and CANCEL to 07385 395976.

Your call will be dealt with confidentially.

How to find us

The Rosehill Clinic is in B Block on the first floor of St Helier Hospital.

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