Children's Physiotherapy

Physiotherapists work with children and their families to identify movement and functional difficulties. We aim to help the child to manage their physical symptoms and achieve functional mobility. We assess, treat and advise on exercises and activities which the child can do with their family and in school.

Our children’s physiotherapy service provides treatment for children with a wide variety of conditions including developmental delay of motor skills, musculoskeletal conditions, cerebral palsy and other neuromuscular conditions.

Physiotherapy for children uses play, activities and exercise to help children reach their full physical potential.

We teach families and carers about the condition with a programme of activities required to either maintain or to develop skills. Partnership with parents and education staff is essential. We often work in partnership with other professionals from health, education and social care.

Who is this service for?

Children registered with a Sutton GP.

We work with children and young people up to the age of:

  • 15.5 for musculoskeletal problems.
  • 18 for neurological conditions or physical disability.
  • 19 for those with complex health needs with an Educational Health Care Plan.

How will the service help my child?

We are able to help children who have:

• Gross motor development delay (eg. delay in achieving sitting, crawling, walking)

• Neurological impairment (e.g. cerebral palsy) or a physical disability affecting movement.

• Difficulties with balance and coordination.

• Musculoskeletal problems (sports injuries, post fractures, growth related pain, back and neck pain,scoliosis and other joint problems and  persistent pain).

We also work with children and young people who have complex health needs and require specialist equipment such as sleep systems, standing frames, and walkers. We aim to help children achieve as much functional mobility and independence as possible.

How can my child get this service?

If you are worried about your child's development, discuss this with your health visitor, school nurse, or your GP. You will need to get a referral from your GP

.• The physiotherapist will see your child and will carry out an assessment which may include  muscle tone, range of movement, muscle strength, coordination, posture, balance and gross motor skills.

• They will discuss with you and your child your concerns and will agree an appropriate treatment plan.

• The therapist will give you a home exercise programme to be done regularly. There may also be some pieces of useful equipment you could use with your child. A programme may also be sent to school to be carried out there.

• We may offer your child a course of group therapy with other children, or some individual sessions.

What do I need to do?

It is important that you carry out the tasks and ideas we give you and use any specialist equipment we recommend. We will support you to do this.

You will need to attend all appointments where possible. If you do not attend and do not contact us, your child may be discharged from the service.

Where will my child receive this service?

Children are usually invited to Green Wrythe Lane Clinic, Carshalton for their first physiotherapy appointment.

Appointments may be offered in the same clinic, at school, nursery, or children's centres. For children with very complex health needs, appointments can take place at home.

No transport is provided. This service is free.