Maximising Independence Service

image of a gym hall with 4 people in chairs doing arm stretches

We are a multidisciplinary team in Sutton health and Care which provide a therapy-led service to people 18 years and over in Sutton.  We are made up of a nurse, physiotherapists, occupational therapist, assistant practitioners, rehabilitation assistants and healthcare assistant working in conjunction with your GP or acute frailty team.

Our aim is to assess and provide intervention for those people who have a physical/medical condition which affects their functional ability, such as walking, balance, hand function etc. 

Our vision is ‘working with you to live your best life’. We collaborate with patients to establish a tailored management plan and work towards patient-centred goals to promote functional independence and improve quality of life.

We have three pathways which include Frailty, Falls Prevention and Domiciliary Physiotherapy.