Musculoskeletal service - information for professionals

During the current COVID- 19 pandemic the Sutton community musculoskeletal service is encouraging self management of musculoskeletal conditions at home. To help you do this there is an online resource where you can find advice and exercises. The link to this easy to use resource is

Sutton Community Musculoskeletal services provide triage and rehabilitation for Sutton based patients aged 16 an over with musculoskeletal dysfunction. The service is led by a Consultant Physiotherapist.

We also accept referrals from across Sutton Health and Care, as well as from secondary care

Patients referred from primary care should be advised to contact us over phone to arrange an appointment  - see information card for patients on referral [pdf] 131KB . If they have cognitive or communication issues the call needs to be made by local administrative services within the GP practice - see appointment card for patients with communication or cognitive needs [pdf] 125KB.

We will triage urgency over the phone, and aim to see priority patients see within 10 days of the call and routine within 20. Priority patients are those who have sustained symptoms, had a procedure or sustained an injury within the last three months.

Patients first present to our assess and treat clinic staffed by advanced physiotherapy practitioners and physiotherapists. The aim is to determine the cause of the patient’s symptoms, whether investigations are required (bloods tests, x-ray, MRI, nerve conduction studies, etc) and what treatment is required. Physiotherapy can be commenced, ergogenic aids prescribed, joint and soft tissue injections undertaken and where indicated patients can be referred onto secondary care (orthopaedics, pain management or rheumatology).

We provide physiotherapy and rehabilitation on a 1:1 or within a group based format. We have a robust supervision structure to identify and escalate patients who are failing to improve as prognosed. We also have close working relationships with radiology, rheumatology, pain management, The Centre of Pain Education, orthopaedics and other community services provided within Sutton Health and Care.