Your information and what you should know (privacy notice)

Sutton Health and Care integrated services

Sutton Health and Care is an integrated model of care - supported by a membership of organisations including:

    • Sutton GP Services
    • Epsom and St Helier University Hospitals NHS Trust
    • London Borough of Sutton
    • St George’s Mental Health NHS Trust.

With the aim of bringing together one model of care for the population of Sutton, there are two key workstreams:

  1. Preventative and proactive care 
    Proactive care in the community preventing unplanned hospital admissions.
  2. Reactive care
    Direct support to elderly patients admitted into hospital.

To support this work, SHC organisations listed above will identify people who would benefit from being supported in this integrated way of working. Lists of clients and patients will be shared to identify people that are currently being supported by more than one organisation or those that should be. For example, staff from Adult Social Services and Community Services in Wallington will work in a joined up way to provide proactive direct care. To support this, lists of Wallington clients will be shared between Adult Social Services  and Community services on a regular basis. People known to both organisations, will be supported in a joined-up way. Also in St Helier Hospital there is an integrated team representing SHC organisations to support patients in the hospital. This team will work together and share information to understand how to best support the most effective discharge of patients from hospital. The integration of these services means that direct care is delivered much more efficiently.

As the lead provider for the Sutton Health and Care Alliance, please refer to Epsom and St Helier hospitals' privacy notice for more information about your information and how we use and share it (opens in a new window)