Podiatry self referral

This is information is to help determine if you are eligible for self referral to the Sutton Health and Care Community Podiatry Service.

You can self-refer if:  

  • You are registered with a London Borough of Sutton GP Practice. 
  • You have developed foot problems associated with a medical condition (eg diabetes, inflammatory arthritis, kidney disease  etc.) or take medications that suppress your immune system
  • You  have developed foot problems such as corns or callus 
  • You have developed musculoskeletal lower limb problems such as sports injuries, foot or ankle pain or plantar fasciitis etc. 

Please read the below exclusion criteria carefully. This will help confirm whether you can self refer, or need to speak with your GP or another healthcare professional.

Please be aware that your referral will be rejected if it does not meet the Sutton Health and Care Podiatry Service criteria for treatment.

We will not see you if:

  • You have a foot ulcer or infection (ie change of skin colour, swelling, heat, pus, odour, or tracking lines spreading from the foot) 
  • You require treatment for an ulceration on or above the ankle level   
  • You require urgent podiatry 

If any of the above apply do not self-refer, please contact your GP immediately.

We will not see you if:

  • You require treatment for existing postsurgical wounds
  • You require verruca treatment
  • You require routine nail cutting
  • You have no foot or ankle related clinical needs
  • You are self referring for an annual diabetic foot check

If any of the above apply do not self-refer, please contact your GP.