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Sutton residents now have direct access to falls prevention and podiatry clinics

Residents of Sutton now have more control over their health thanks to the launch of self-referral options for two vital community clinics: podiatry and falls prevention. 

Sutton Health and Care (SHC) has implemented this streamlined approach, empowering residents to directly access specialised care without needing a GP referral. This means faster access to assessments, treatments, and preventative measures for podiatric problems and falls. 

The Maximising Independence Falls Prevention Service caters to residents aged 65 and over who are at risk of falling. It provides comprehensive assessments, expert advice, and personalised exercise programs to improve balance, strength, and confidence, thereby reducing fall risk and enhancing independence. 

The Podiatry Service addresses a wide range of foot and lower limb issues, offering expert assessments, diagnoses, and effective treatments. From corns and calluses to diabetic foot care and musculoskeletal concerns, residents can now access specialised care directly. 

Residents can conveniently self-refer 24/7 through the SHC website or by using a QR code. The online forms gather relevant information about their symptoms, enabling efficient triage and ensuring they receive the right care, first time. 

"Self-referral gives residents flexibility and control over their health," says Lucy Botting, Director of SHC. "They can access services when they need them most, even outside of typical GP hours. We designed the forms to be user-friendly, and family members or carers can even complete them on behalf of the patient." 

This initiative exemplifies SHC's commitment to improving service accessibility and empowering residents to actively participate in their healthcare. They can now self-refer to the following SHC services without seeing a GP first: 

Residents who are unable to access the online forms can self-refer via our Single Point of Referral on 020 8296 4100.  

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