Musculoskeletal Centre

Overview of service

The musculoskeletal service offers a primary care based service for non-urgent GP referred patients experiencing musculoskeletal disorders. The aim of the service is to assess, diagnose and, where appropriate, manage or treat musculoskeletal problems. We work closely with both GPs and hospital services.

Who can access this service?

The musculoskeletal service is available to patients who are:

  • Over 16 years of age
  • Registered with a Sutton GP.

The service is not suitable for patients who:

  • Are housebound
  • Have lumbar pain of less than a six week duration
  • Have/are suspected of having a serious disease.

Team members who could be involved in patient care

  • Extended scope practitioners
  • GPs.

Is patient self-referral available?

No, patients will need to be referred by their GP to the Musculoskeletal Centre.

Is transport provided?

No, patients will need to provide their own transport.

Are home visits available?

No, patients will need to travel to their nearest clinic.