Health visiting service

We are now gradually restoring the health visiting service following redeployment of staff due to COVID-19 pandemic. We will be providing face to face contacts with families and follow social distancing recommendations. We will also be providing contacts with families via phone or video conferencing. A member of the health visiting team will contact you by phone or text to confirm appointments with you. 

If you have any concerns about your emotional mental health or wellbeing or concerns about your children, please call our health visiting duty line on 0208 770 5409. If you need any more information or advice the health visiting duty line is available Monday to Friday 9-5pm

There is a wealth of information available to you online to support you and your baby. Here are some of our top picks;

Overall Top Tips for parents with the institute of Health Visiting

From Birth to five support

Healthy eating

First Steps Nutrition

NHS Live Well



A guide to help you breastfeed with Start4life

The Baby Buddy App with Best Beginnings

For virtual breastfeeding support:

Responsive bottle feeding

Infant milks - First Steps Nutrition Trust

A guide to bottle feeding with Start4LIfe

Responsive bottle feeding advice with Unicef

Introducing solids

What to feed your baby at different ages

Eating well: the first year, with First Steps Nutrition Trust

Sleep and babies

Get safer sleeping advice with The Lullaby Trust

Infant Sleep Info Source - BASIS

The Family Information  service can provide free information and advice about childcare provision for key workers and general enquiries to support you and your family

Perinatal  Mental Health and Emotional wellbeing and bonding with your baby

Mush Mums - Bringing mums together, online! 

It’s okay to not be okay- but help is available. Watch a video about Perinatal Positivity

Understanding your emotional health & wellbeing following the birth of your baby from the Institute of Health Visiting

Encouraging Skin-to-Skin contact from Unicef

Building a Happy Baby - a guide for parents by Unicef

The Association for Infant Mental Health provides support for getting to know your baby

Free childcare entitlements for children aged 2-4 years.

Some families can receive up to 15 hours a week free childcare for their 2 year old for information on how to apply for a free childcare place for your 2 year old visit